Satanism Essays

These essays on Satanic practice, Satanic history, and Satanic culture may help you to understand Satanism better. They are written with the beginner in mind, but any Satanist can learn from the wisdom written here.

Satanic Practice

What is Spiritual Satanism?
My definitions of Satanism, and Spiritual Satanism. It has been debated at length in social circles what Satanism really represents, giving you a place to begin.

What is Spirituality? Satanic Spirituality?
On Spirituality in Satanism, and how you can use it to gain a better understanding of yourself and how you can live as a Satanist.

Is Satanism a Religion, A Philosophy, or Both?
Discussion on the role of spirituality and philosophy in Satanism, leading to ask if Satanism is a religion or philosophy.

Is Satanism Atheistic?
A discussion on atheism in Satanism, and its impact on Satanism as a religious movement.

The Force of Satan
This essay describes my personal relation to Satan as a force of nature, with an interesting story on how I came to experience Satan as a spiritual force.

The Left Hand Path
If you have studied a little bit about Satanism you have probably heard of the term Left Hand Path. This is my definition of the Left Hand Path, and what it means for Satanists.

How To Become a Satanist
A few ideas on how to transition into a Satanic lifestyle for those that are new to the path

My Advice on Leaving Christianity
How to Transition from the RHP and Christianity, into Satanism, for those who are thinking of leaving Christianity and why it may be difficult for some to do so.

Making A Pact with Satan
On making a Deal with the Devil, how to make a pact and why pact making could be an important step for you.

Independent Satanism
Guide to Self-styling for Independent Satanists! Come learn why Self Styling in Satanism is where its at!

Satanic Culture

The Satanic Panic

Brief history of the Satanic Panic and how it has impacted Satanism on a social level.

Diabolatry, Diabolism, Devil Worship Among Satanists
Why Satanists identify with Devil Worship and what it means for us as Satanists.

Cults, Cult Leaders
An article on the brief history of some Christian cults, learn about Cult leaders and the dangers of being in a cult.

The Al-Jilwah for Satanists
The Real story behind this book and what it means to Satanists and why some Satanists use it for religious worship.

Satanic Holidays
Proposed Satanic Holidays and their meanings and how you can incorporate them into your everyday life.

Hedonism from a Satanist’s Perspective
Insight on hedonism in Satanism as part of a personal philosophy

Sacrifice in Satanism
Attitudes about Sacrifice in Satanism and why people hold these attitudes, and what impact it has had on Satanism as a religion.


Additional Knowledge found at the Spiritual Satanist Blog:

Is Satanism Legal in America?
This post explores why and how other religious movements outside of Christianity are questioned as being legal in a land where we have religious freedom.

Hiding your Satanic Faith From the Public:
Is it worth hiding your Satanism from friends, family, and public view? This post explores the possibilities.


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