How To Become A Satanist

There are three things that I think you need to accomplish in order to become a Satanist. This process will take time because it is a complete lifestyle change. If you’re feeling stuck, there’s a reason, and it’s most likely because you haven’t taken the time to fully leave your old religion behind. It still haunts you in every decision you make. In becoming a Satanist, there are many things to consider along the way. Here are a few of them:

1. Perform a Black Mass

Many people who want to enter into Satanism come from a Christian background. It can be hard to leave Christianity behind and start over on a path that doesn’t provide you the same level of hand-holding and reassurance as Christianity did for you. If you are really serious about becoming a Satanist, you have to realize that those days of hand holding and instant answers are long gone. You are entering into a new territory, one that you haven’t explored yet and you will find that there are many things along the way that will take the time to understand.

In order to leave Christianity, it would be proper to do a ritual to signify that you are over and done with it. This is what the purpose of the black mass is for – it allows you to consciously and subconsciously realize that your former path is a thing of the past. There is an example of a black mass in the Satanic Rituals (review at Left Hand Path Books) that allows you to see what one is like. It’s a basic ritual that seeks to ridicule and demean your former beliefs so that in the end they mean nothing to you. This cleansing helps in moving forward into a new Satanic lifestyle, so take advantage of it and create your own black mass based on the rituals that you can find.

My suggestion is to do this mass on the night of a dark moon so that you are aligning yourself with dark (and waning) lunar energy. This symbolism goes hand in hand with the ritual you are about to do where your former beliefs wane as well. Your ceremony doesn’t have to be fancy. It an be a personal ritual that you do in private. It should be meaningful, however, and based on your former beliefs. So if you were Catholic, you should base your ritual on something similar.

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2. Leaving the Mindset Behind

A black mass won’t immediately make you into a Satanist, but it’s a start down the road of leaving the beliefs of your former religion. Indoctrination is the process of being taught beliefs without the means or inspiration to question them, so you will be taking a big step in leaving your ideas about Christianity behind. No more lake of fire, no more guilt from sin, and mostly, no more ‘temptation’ from Satan. These are Christian teachings that will only serve to hinder you on your path towards Satanism.

What will help you on this journey is your willingness to take the time to study new materials based on Satanism that can help open your mind to new possibilities. Be prepared to think in new ways and approach life from a different perspective. You can do this by studying about Satan and Satanism from trusted resources so you can expand your mind. A resource may be trusted when it comes with good recommendations.

Long gone are the days when you should be thinking, “Maybe I should pray for help?”, when you could do something on your own to remedy the situation, simply by taking another approach. Spirituality and prayers have their place but generally, in Satanism, you will find the advice to be self-sufficient to a certain extent, instead of relying on a deity to do things for you. This will help build your character along the way.

This is why I also advocate the study of magic and divination so that you can have that extra layer of control in your life without depending on a deity to make changes for you. So along with your study and application of Satanic principles, take some time to consider learning about magic as well. All of these things will help you along the way in the process of leaving your old ways behind.

3. Finally, consider signing a pact with Satan

After you have taken some time to learn and grow you may want to take the next step. Making a pact with Satan isn’t necessary but for some, it’s a symbolic and important part of ‘sealing the deal’, as it were with the forces of darkness. In my article, making a pact with Satan, I describe how and why this can be done. Only make a pact when you feel you are ready.

If you dive right in, and tell yourself, “well I’m a Satanist now” simply because you decided to call yourself one, but you haven’t taken the steps to mentally leave your former religion behind and adopt new ways, then you may not be ready to make a pact. Everything in this path comes in due time and you will feel when the time is right to make that commitment.

Good things take time and once you plant the seed you have to take care of it in order for it to grow. So don’t expect your life to change drastically, it takes some time to adapt yourself to a new way of living, one day at a time.

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