Chatroom and FAQ

Before you enter the chat, take a few moments to read through the most commonly asked questions on this site. These questions are the kinds of things that people want to know about Satanism, magic and demonology, and they are often asked in the chatroom.

How can I join Satanism? How do I become a Satanist?

Becoming a Satanist and joining Satanism are two different things. For more information on this, please read this article, “How to become a Satanist“. Becoming a Satanist is a serious step in your spirituality and it should not be taken lightly. However, if you want to ‘join’ Satanism, your option is to simply sign up with a group, church or coven, and they will handle your spiritual needs. It’s as simple as that.

Here on my site, however I teach independent Satanism which means that there is no need to join a group or coven once you become a Satanist. Your spirituality is in your hands, which is a difficult thing for many people to handle.

Can Satan make me rich? I need money!

Satan is not a magic genie that can grant your wishes. Of course you will read stories that state otherwise – that a celebrity signed their soul away to become famous.

Type in any celebrities name on google and you will find a story about how they became rich and famous through the devil. These stories are conspiracy theories and Christian propaganda. They are using a celebrities name just to get attention for their own needs, usually to illustrate the point that Satan is ‘evil’. Simply put, they are lies.

If it were that easy to get rich, don’t you think everyone would be doing it? Well, making a pact with Satan is not going to make you rich. It simply doesn’t work that way. And souls are immaterial, spiritual things that can not be “sold” or traded for material goods. For more information on this myth, read my blog post on the Spiritual Satanist Blog, “Satan, Make me Rich or, Popular or..

Is there a spell that can change me?

This question might seem funny, but yes, Ive seen it all. People who are uninformed on what magic is, want to change into a werewolf, or they want to grow hair, or change their eye color, or whatever they think they need that they assume magic will solve. Magic is a serious endeavor and it is not meant to entertain people with frivolous ideas on changing their physical appearance.

If you want to change your appearance invest in some plastic surgery, get contacts or just dress up. Magic isn’t a Hollywood movie that can instantly change you in the blink of an eye.

What books do you recommend on Satanism?

I recommend that you read the Satanic Bible, first and foremost. This book is the book that started the social movement of Satanism, so if you want to understand Satanism in general it’s a good place to start. A lot of what people talk about in groups and forums has its basis in the ideas from this book. You can read a review of the Satanic Bible on my Left hand Path Books blog. At my blog you will find various books and e-books on Satanism and magic that can help you on your journey.

You may also find that most books on Satanism are written for organizations and churches and serve as a recruitment manual to their followers, and other books on Satanism focus on a specific author’s beliefs. So there really are no books on Satanism that give you a general idea on what Satanism represents. You will have to search around and do your own research in that regard and come to your own conclusions.

How Do I Enter the Chat?

You can access the chatroom here through this link. Hopefully you have read through the common questions provided here and have found some answers.

The chatroom is always open but we may not always be at the keys. All conversations are logged, regardless. Take a moment to introduce yourself in the chatroom when you enter.