Interviews: Past and Present

Various interviews with Venus Satanas and others, where I have discussed my work in Satanism.


Kerrang Radio, 2008

I have been interviewed by others who are interested in my work in Satanism. My first interview was on radio; on January 29, 2008, Amy Jones from Kerrang Radio interviewed me on the topic of Satanism.

Sinfully Delicious Magazine

Fun interview with Nicholas Walls of the Sinfully Delicious Magazine Sinfuly Delicious, February 7, 2009, reprinted at the Spiritual Satanist Blog.

The Asmoday Experiment

Another great interview was at the blog The Asmoday Experiment, titled ‘Profile of a Darkworker, Venus Satanas’ on January 23rd, 2009.

Warlock Asylum

The Occultist and musician Warlock Asylum interviewed me some time ago on his blog, and it is still one of my favorite interviews to date! Here is a link:Warlock Asylum’s interview with Venus Satanas

Sin Jones, 2012

My interview with Sin Jones was also one of my favorites; we covered important topics relating to modern Satanism..Watch it here:

Blood and Love, Satanism and Music

I was also interviewed by the owner of the blog Blood and Love on the topic of Satanism and music. You can read all about it here:Blood and Love: Venus Satanas the Pioneer

Miss Mona Magick

If you have Itunes, you can listen to the interview that Mona Magick did with me a few years ago, it is very enlightening! Scroll down to episode 36:Venus Satanas: Independent Satanism

Would you like to interview me?

Contact me here: Email Venus Satanas

I am open for interviews as long as the show, blog or presentation offering the interview is something that is occult related. The reason for this is because I like to keep my interviews topical, and it is fun to be interviewed by others who are actually involved with the occult.

Please note that I am likely to decline interviews with radio shows or blogs that offer a [mostly] christian presentation; I don’t think that you will convert me and I am not really interested in debating the existence of Satan. But if you would like to discuss Satanism, Satanic culture or my journey in Satanism, drop me a line.