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Guest Articles

Pope Lucifer of the Early Christian Church
Learn about the legacy of the controversial Pope named Lucifer of the early Christian Church

The Demonic Bible
The Demmonic Bible, Written by Tsirk Susej – Interesting Tome on Satanic Summoning

Restoring the Name of Belial
Jeremy Crow’s Article on restoring the name of this awesome demon, hosted on the Apotheosis website.

Does Voodoo Magic Really Work?
Adrienne Carlson’s Article on her experiences with Satanic and Voodoo Magic, hosted at the Spiritual Satanist Blog

Other Satanist and Occult Friendly Resources Wiki on Satanism
A Feast of Heart-Felt Reflections on the Devil’s Trail, hosted by TrollTowelhead

Gospel of Satan
The Gospel of Satan is the story of Jesus from the perspective of the God of This World, an Underworld Watcher of a sort with an interest in technology and evolution.Authored by Troll Towelhead, also available on Amazon – > The Gospel of Satan with Commentary and Selected Fatwas

Satan’s Den
Hosted by Zalbarath. A friendly, knowledgable place for Theistic Satanists and Demonolators.

Satans’s Garden
Insightful blog about spiritual Satanism, with Priestess Satanika

Theistic Satanism with Diane Vera
Informative resource both for theistic Satanists of all kinds and for the general public, hosted by Diane Vera. This site is for Satanists who are willing to think deeply about their spirituality. Taboos of Society
An exploration of the forbidden, taboos of society as seen by the ancients

Egregore throughout history
Notes on the role of the historical Egregore in modern Magic by Fra.: U.D.

The ALT.Satanism FAQ File
Archive of the most frequently asked questions about Satanism

Who Serves Satan? A Demographic and Ideological Profile
Who Serves Satan? A Demographic and Ideological Profile, authored by James R. Lewis, Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Univ. of Wisconsin [PDF]

Anton LaVey, The Satanic Bible and the Satanist
How the Satanist tradition emerged from Anton Lavey, the Church of Satan and the Satanic Bible. Authored by James R. Lewis, Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Univ. of Wisconsin [PDF]

The Church of Satan
This book gives some insight into the early Church of Satan, written by Michael Aquino

Gerald Gardner and the Black Mass
Essay from Synagoga Satanae on the Black mass, and how Gerald Gardner influenced the Mass in Occultism

Some Light on Lucifer
Interesting biblical perspectives on Lucifer by Ina Belderis of the Theosophicl Society

The Great Martyrdom Cult [GMC]
Satanism, Martyrdom and morality, authored by tyagi nagasiva

Liber Minor 6
History 666 Baphomet, the Devil, the Anti-Christ, by Anton Channing

The Order of the Qlipphoth
Demon of The Order of The Qlippoth by Christine Giacchino

Guide to the Qlippoth
Kabbalistic interpretation of the Klipoth at the Occult Research site

Liber 231
Arcanum Arcanorum, Liber CCXXXI

Image, Liber CCXXXI
The Genii of the 22 Scales of the Serpent and of the Qliphoth, O.T.O.

The Typhonian OTO
All about Kenneth Grant, and the T.OTO; Detailed History of the various O.T.O. groups from Peter Koenig

Medieval Uses of Astrological Nodes
Historical, Medival use of Nodes in Astrology, Benjamin Dykes, Ph.D

Tarot Timeline
Occult and Divinatory Tarot, 1750 through 1980, Mary K. Greer

Free and accurate tool for Astrological Charts. Comes in handy!

Orthodox Luciferian Temple
The Maiden of Light Holy Orthodox Luciferian Temple, is a blending of the beautiful beliefs of ancient world religions

List of Minor Roman Gods
The names of the Minor Deities of Rome, lesser known but not forgtten

Psychoanalysis of Myth
Freud’s and Jung’s theories, origin of myth. Authored by Stefan Stenudd

Banebdjedet – Origins of Baphomet?
A fertility god, the “Ba of the Lord of Mendes”, by Andre Dollinger

Paul Huson – Mastering Witchcraft
Occultist and Author of “Mastering Witchcraft”, an influential book on Magic

Support Tattos and Piercings At Work
The Support Tattoos and Piercings at Work cause (STAPAW) is dedicated to the millions of hard-working tattooed and pierced employees all over the world.

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