Incense for Satanic Ritual

Below are the types of incenses and oils that I would personally associate with each planet. Some are unique to my practices and methods of witchcraft. These are only my interpretations of the planetary energies and their demonic associations. They are based on basic elemental associations. With the four elements (Earth, Fire, Air, Water) you have all you need to create any kind of magic. Use them as you will.


Patchouli (Satanic magic, Lust, spirituality, Focus, grounding, cursing)
Earth (grounding, focus)
Forest Pine (cleansing, Money Drawing)
Witch’s Brew (spiritual and Earthy)
Basil (honesty, truth, commandment, Money)
Cypress (Limitations, Learning, causing loss)
Mother Earth (Renewal, stability, worship)
Evergreen (cleansing, Money Drawing)
Ivy (Cooperation, or discord)
Oak Moss (Drawing Money, gain)

Vanilla (Luciferian Magic, Mental powers, Knowledge, Calming)
Sandalwood (spirituality, Calming, Clearing, Focus)
Egyptian Sandalwood (enlightenment, meditation)
Lemon (communication, clarity)
Lemon & Lime (communication, clarity)
Lavender (Protective, Healing, Attraction)
Garden Mint (Cleansing, Renewing, Money)
Lemongrass (Desire, Lust, the Mind)
Sage (Wisdom, knowledge, Clear mind)
Spiknard (Good Luck, Attraction)
Cedarwood (Money Drawing, Meditation, Fortune)
Absinthe: (Necromancy, if burnt with sandalwood as an incense)
Blueberry (aids in causing strife)

Cinnamon (Belial Magic, attack, force, fire, cleansing)
Clove (lust, Confusion, Benefit)
Dragon’s Breath (protection)
Dragon’s Blood (protection, force, spirituality)
Cinnamon Clove (desire, lust, manifestation)
Aloe Vera (soothing, spirituality)
Sunflower (happiness, pleasure)
Amber (focus, manifestation, attraction, trust)
Frankincense (spirituality, meditation, knowledge)
Musk (desire, lust, aphrodisiac)
Orange (clarity, knowing)
Juniper (force, protection)

Jasmine (Lilith Magic, Love, attraction, distracting enemies)
Night Queen (romance, secrets, persuasion)
Forbidden Apple (desire, manifestation, discord)
Aphrodesia (attraction, unity, lust)
Rose (beauty, spirituality, truth, heartbreak)
Violet (temptation)
Myrrh (stability, focus, cleansing, renewing)
Kush (lust, sweetness, desire)
Honey (sweetening, increase, gain)
Cupid (love spells, attraction, harmony)