Effects of Color in Magic

It is well known that color effects our mood and outlook. Wearing pink eases agression, while wearing red might increase it. We have a natural response to color that can not be denied. Color is even used to describe emotion, like those who are green with envy or feeling sad and blue.

It is a convention that color is used during ritual and spellwork to direct a spell in the proper way. Color is used in magic to symbolize the effects that want to be created. It causes a sympathetic effect and represents aspects of the spell.

Even LaVey recommended the use of color during ritual – Red candles were used to represent lust and desire, white candles to represent Curses, and the black candles were used for spells of compassion. LaVeys system of magic was mainly psychological, and not esoteric. I do not use his method of candle burning. He improperly uses them without oils, and as some would say, they are only props for the psychodrama that is LaVeyan ritual.

Of course, in the realm of magic, there are more than three types of spell casting that Satanists can use. The colors of black, white and red may be primary color associations for Satanists, but there are more options than these. Why limit yourself to only three? There are a variety of things that you could accomplish with the use of color in magic.

My Color Correspondences

There are seven basic colors, each of which correspond to elementary, and planetary associations. One of the earliest recorded system of color association is found in the Philosophy of Natural Magic written by Agrippa.1 Many magic traditions have molded their associations in magic from the writings in this book, and the symbolism I have created below is primarily inspired by these associations. Below, is my description of each.

RED – symbolized by the energy of Mars, [also, Aries]. It represents the element of Fire. The color red can represent anger, rage, blood, desire, lust, passion, and the energy of action. It can also represent leadership or influence. For Satanists, a spell performed with the color red, can represent sexual desire, revenge, and aggressive magic. It is also useful as a focus of the will and to remove obstacles.

GREEN – symbolized by the energies and influence of Venus [also, Taurus and Libra]. It represents the element of Earth. The color green used in spell work can represent gains in wealth, increase, accumulation, security and new beginnings. For Satanists, using green in spellwork can bring you a monetary or situational benefit. You can also use this color for spells of beauty and renewal.

YELLOW – symbolized by the energies and influence of Mercury [and Gemini]. It represents the element of Air. In magic, yellow is a focus for communication, transportation, transmutation, adjustment, and the mercurial nature of magic, lending its energy in a spell as transforming energy. For Satanists, yellow can add to the energy of spellwork and it can also influence the mind, and intelligence.

BLUE – symbolized by the energies and influence of Uranus [also, Aquarius]. It is represented by the element of Water. In magic it can relate to learning, spirituality, idealism, achieving goals, and bringing justice to a situation. For Satanists the color blue can represent the focus on a spiritual goal or endeavour, or to bring luck to a situation.

VIOLET – symbolized by the energies and influence of Neptune [also, Pisces]. It is represented by the element of Water. This color is often associated with dreams and visions, visionary work or pathworking, dream work, the unconscious, sacrifices, and reflection. It is also associated with the powers of the mind, such as psychic abilities. For Satanists who use violet it can represent spells of psychic origin or influence, and spells that affect dreams.

WHITE – symbolized by the energies and influence of the Moon. It is represented by the element of Air. White can add to security, protection, guidance to spiritual rituals, touching on the emotions and inner self. For Satanists, white can represent a new beginning, [or even transversely as LaVey recommended, to represent death, or a curse].

BLACK – symbolized by the energies and influence of Saturn [also, Capricorn]. It is represented by the element of Earth. As a color of magic it can symbolize final endings, and death. For Satanists, black is an elemental color that represents the void and the darkness, and for some, Satan. Often useful in curse magic, destructive magic, and bindings, and for absorbing negativity.



1. Cornelius Agrippa. [1531] October 16, 2008. The Philosophy of Natural Magic: A Complete Work on Magic and Sorcery. Forgotten Books.