Magic and Witchcraft Essays

Come learn about how to use magic and witchcraft in your Satanic practices. Witchcraft is the art of using natural objects and items to create magic. You don’t have to be a Satanist to use magic, but it could be useful..

LaVey’s Satanic Witch

About Anton LaVey’s non-magical Satanic witch and how she doesn’t represent witchcraft in Satanism.

The Art of Witchcraft

Learn about the origins of Witchcraft and how it can be used in Satanism

Should Satanists Use Banishing Rituals?

What are Banishing Rituals and how are they used in Satanism?

The Effect of Color in Magic

Learn about how to use color in magic with this basic guide.

Incense for Ritual
Incense suggestions for ritual and magic use


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