Essays on Satanism, Magic and Demonology

Baphomet, Symbol of Satan

Satanic History, Culture and Practice

Are you ready to learn about Spiritual Satanism? Satanism, by definition, is the practice of worship, admiration and adoration of the figure of Satan through spiritual experience and philosophical understanding. The essays presented here may help you to understand the origins of Satanism, and the people that helped to influence it since it’s inception in 1969. Learn about Satanic history, culture and practice with the essays on Satanism.


Pentagram, Symbol of Satan

Satanic Witchcraft and Magic

While magic is not a necessary part of Satanism some like to incorporate it into their practices to add an extra dimension of understanding and possibility. If you want to take your spiritual practice with Satanism further into the realm of magic, these articles on Satanic witchcraft can help you to understand how to work with spells. Along with this there is a course on using the tools of Satanic Magic to achieve results.

Belial at the Mouth of Hell

Satanic Demonology

In addition to this, some Satanists like to also work with the demonic realm. In this series of essays, various demons and entities are explored. Here you can discover the myths of Gods and demons of Satanism, and the dark deities known to Satanists. These entities are complimentary to the main figure of Satan and can be used for experimentation or worship. These demonic forces that represent the many dark aspects of Satanism and the Left Hand Path.

Books on Satanism

Suggested Reading on Satanism

Here is a list of the books that can help you to understand more about the path of Satanism. They are books on magic and occultism that can help you expand your knowledge. I have provided a brief review of each book so that you have information on what these books are about. Many of these books I’ve used on my own journey in magic and Satanism.



Knowledge on Satanism

Guest Articles, Links and More

In addition to this is a list of guest articles written by friends and associates that I have known throughout the years. These articles contain gems of wisdom and insight from people on the Left Hand Path. If you are interested in writing an article for this site about Spiritual Satanism, please contact me and we can arrange a meeting of the minds. In addition to this is a list of occult links that I have collected throughout the years; you may find them useful in your journey.