This is Spiritual Satanism

Spiritual SatanismSpiritual Satanism embraces the philosophy of Satanism in a spiritual framework. Spiritual Satanism allows you to have a spiritual outlook and way of living without abandoning the physical or material aspects of Satanism. With Spiritual Satanism, you can develop your own personal relationship with Satan, and have a spiritual connection with something that is far bigger than just ourselves.

What this Site is About:
This website is a place to learn about Spiritual Satanism, the occult arts, and magic. While you do not need to know how to use magic or be involved in the occult to be a Satanist, these additional things may help you along the way. Also, here at you can learn about demons and demonology, from a Satanic perspective.

Where to Begin With Spiritual Satanism:

If you are interested in learning more about Spiritual Satanism, start with the pages on Satanic History, Culture, and Practice. These essays can help you to discover the history of Satanism, and how you can become a Satanist, and how to do Satanic rituals.

After you learn about Satanism take some time to read a few articles about Demons and Demonology, where you can learn about their origins and methods of working with them in a productive way. And, when you are ready, take some time to read and practice the exercises provided at the Satanic Witchcraft and Magic pages.

It is my hope that you will find this site to be informative and useful in your personal journey in Satanism. Take a moment to read my About Me page to learn about my own journey in Satanism. In addition to this, you can also visit my Interviews page to read and hear some of the recent interviews that I have done with others in Satanism and the occult. You can also visit the Videos page to see recent videos, and also, the Chatroom to speak with other Satanists.